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Warren and Mahoney is an architectural and design practice with seven locations functioning as a single studio. Our clients and projects span New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Rim. The practice has nearly 300 people - specialists working across the disciplines of architecture, interior design, masterplanning, urban design, customer experience, workplace strategy consultancy and sustainable design. Our one studio approach allows us to draw from the wider group for skills and experience on every project, regardless of the location. Our design philosophy is founded on the belief that human experience is improved through enduring design excellence, delivered through formal simplicity and material quality.

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The pursuit of architectural excellence lies at the core of our practice, across a diverse range of interior, building, and infrastructure projects. We believe that the quality of the design of our environment – in all its dimensions - affects the quality of our lives. 

Masterplanning + Urban Design

Our masterplanning practice has developed alongside the maturing sophistication and depth of the discipline of urban design. Beyond the urban design needs of each building project, specific masterplanning and urban design commissions have also informed our evolving practice. Our approach is to develop spatial frameworks that reflect the unique cultural and environmental dimensions of each project. We design to provide a high degree of flexibility as a site’s sense of place develops and evolves.

Workplace Consultancy

Contemporary workplace consulting defines each workplace as a fundamental driver of the success of the organisation it houses. Our interior and architecture disciplines work closely together to create our workplace projects. This collaboration serves the inter-connected analytical, strategic, and creative requirements of our clients. 

Sustainable Design

Sustainability is a core value of our practice. We believe sustainability is integral to the achievement of architectural excellence. We work with our clients to identify the environmental potential and goals of each project as early as possible, and then seek out practical means by which to deliver on these goals. We were New Zealand’s first carboNZero rated architectural practice. 

Auckland Studio
Auckland Studio
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Being the only third generation architectural practice in 
New Zealand – Warren and Mahoney has evolved from
 a generalist firm into a multidisciplinary design practice offering architectural, interior, graphic, urban and environmentally sustainable design services.

Founded in 1955 by Sir Miles Warren in Christchurch,
the partnership went on to design buildings that are now regarded as the benchmark of New Zealand Modernism. Sir Miles was knighted in 1985 for his services to architecture and in 2003 named one of ten inaugural
‘Icons of the Arts’ by the Arts Foundation of New Zealand.

Since 1979, the practice has expanded to Wellington, Auckland, Queenstown, Sydney and Melbourne. Warren
 and Mahoney has nurtured some of New Zealand’s finest architectural talent. Our people remain key to the remarkable Warren and Mahoney history of innovation
 and design excellence.

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We achieve the highest environmental standards for our buildings and we set a similar standard for our own environmental performance.

Over the last decade we have established ourselves as a recognised leader in the development of Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD). In 2007 Warren and Mahoney became New Zealand’s first carboNZero architectural practice and was recognised in 2009 by the United Nations as one of the first hundred organisations in the UN Climate Neutral Network.

Our investment in Environmentally Sustainable Design has resulted in not only numerous award winning buildings, but also specialist skills and a unique technical database of information allowing us to provide advice across the myriad of issues which ESD affects.

Sustainability is part of our process  and our completed work ranges from office buildings to libraries, industrial buildings, education, housing and sporting facilities. We believe that sustainable design is integral to good design and can be achieved for all budgets and building types.

Warren and Mahoney has been one of the driving forces behind the establishment of the New Zealand Green Building Council and has been actively involved in the technical development and piloting of the Greenstar tools. We were involved in one of the first 5 star office buildings in New Zealand, the first 5 star “as built” rated building and more recently the first two 5 star rated education buildings.

Our achievements in sustainable architecture have been recognised in numerous national awards over the past decade. In 2010 buildings designed by Warren and Mahoney were awarded the top NZEE (engineering), Property Council and NZGBC awards for sustainable design.

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We are committed to leading Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the design and construction industry. Our BIM leadership team has proven local and international expertise and experience in the delivery and coordination of large complex projects using collaborative BIM workflows and technologies. We have experience on projects involving high density building services and specialist building requirements, including the utilisation of clash detection, project briefing, space-planning and room data sheet reporting. Additional BIM services include fabrication and ongoing facilities management (FM) technologies.

Our BIM expertise helps our clients better understand the implications of the design at earlier stages of the process, delivering construction cost savings and construction time reduction. We work within local and international industry guidelines, standards and protocols for the integrated delivery of BIM-enabled projects. These include the New Zealand BIM Handbook, the Australian National Specification System (NATSpec) BIM protocols, the Australian and New Zealand Revit Standards, the Australian Institute of Architects, the American Institute of Architects, the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Singapore BIM Standards and the Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) and Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data information exchange protocols.

Our project specific BIM Execution Plans (BEP) are tailored to the individual BIM goals and aspirations of each client and project. This defines the technology and workflow foundations on which the overall BIM deliverables and project stakeholder responsibilities can be agreed, reducing the potential for unforeseen risk to our clients.

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Our Integrated Management System (IMS) has been audited and certified as compliant with ISO9001 – Quality Management; AS/NZS4801 –Safety Management; and ISO14001 – Environmental Management. These standards are internationally recognised as ‘best practice’ and the management of these allows us to mitigate risk by introducing improved processes, technologies and legislative changes.  We bring quality professional and architectural services to our clients through the integrity of qualified people and secure systems.

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Mā te rongo, ka mōhio; Mā te mōhio, ka mārama; Mā te mārama, ka mātau; Mā te mātau, ka ora.

Through resonance comes cognisance; through cognisance comes understanding; through understanding comes knowledge; through knowledge comes life and well-being.

Ka marama mātou o Warren me Mahoney ko Te Ao Māori te tūāpapa o te hoahoatanga tuakiri o Aotearoa, i tēna wā, i tēnei wā, a tērā wā ka heke mai. 

Mai ēnei whakaaro, i whakatū te rangapū, he kapa mātanga arōtahi, i ārahi mai ētahi kaihoahoa Māori ahunga hou, hei whakaahu whakamua.           

Ko te ingoa o taua kapa, ko ‘Te Matakīrea’, te Rōpu Whakaahua aua mai Māori rānei, ko te whainga matua, hei whakatōmene i ngā kōwhiringa hoahoatanga, i ngā hounui hou, engari kua taunga kē i Te Ao Māori.  

Ahakoa i whakatū a Warren me Mahoney i ngā tau e ono tēkau kūa pahuri, i mahi tahi auau tonu i ngā iwi Māori me ētahi atu o ngā rōpu Māori hoki, ko Te Matakīrea me ngā mahi i tohua mai, he huarahi mumura hou mo te rangapū.   

Ko Te Matakīrea he waka mō te tangongitanga me i whakakī hoki i ai onā huānga, he momo whakatūnga a roto i te rangapū, hei whakahua ngā whakaaro mē ngā uara Māori i roto i ngā tikanga o ngā hinotanga mai i te rā tūatahi. 

Ko tēnei whakatakanga he tohu mo ‘ngā ara painga o ngā Ao e rua’, a, ka tukuna mai tō mātou kiritaki ngā āheitanga ki tētahi kapa mātanga arōtahi ai, he tohungatanga, he mātanga, me he tū tohutanga hoki, e whakahuanga ana i ngā whakaahua whakaharara a tātou o Warren me Mahoney me ngā rauemi hangarau ki te whakapuakina rerekē.  


Warren and Mahoney understands that the Māori cultural dimension is central to New Zealand’s architectural identity; past, present and future.  With this in mind the practice has established a specialist team, led by a new generation of Māori architects, to explore our country’s deepest cultural underpinnings.

This team is known as ‘Te Matakīrea’, or the Advanced Māori Design Unit, and its principal goal is to explore architectural opportunities that are ambitious, modern and yet thoroughly grounded in the Māori world. 

While Warren and Mahoney has worked regularly with iwi and other Māori organisations over its 60+ years of existence, Te Matakīrea and the work it does represents a bold new direction for the practice. 

Te Matakīrea is a vehicle for innovation and its members fulfil a variety of roles within the practice, ensuring that Māori values and ideas are embedded within projects from day one.   

This initiative represents a ‘best of both worlds’ approach, giving our clients access to a team with focused expertise, experience and sensitivity, while leveraging Warren and Mahoney’s unparalleled design and technical resources to deliver exceptional outcomes.