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8254 Equinix 2

Located at 506-518 Gardeners Road, Alexandria, the new Equinix Data centre occupies a 25,780m2 site. The building consists of two floors of high-tech industrial storage in the form of collocation halls for ICT equipment, four floors of flexible and permanent office space for customers, clients and employees and multi-purpose high security meeting spaces.

The data centre joins the company’s Sydney-based SY4 centre and operations at Bourke Road, Alexandria via a physical skybridge link, equally sitting adjacent to the operations on Gardeners Road in Mascot. The Sydney facilities are located in close proximity to each other, enabling better interconnectivity to Sydney’s South.

Equinix, owner and operator of the Gardeners Road facility, currently operate more than 180 data centres across five continents, accommodating over 9,500 companies worldwide.

In close consultation with Equinix and Aurecon, Warren and Mahoney has designed approximately 3200m2 of front of house offices and customer care areas for the Equinix SY5 Data Centre. The design encompasses the Equinix global identity and branding with a high tech and modern working environment. The offices and front of house customer care areas radiate from a central atrium and feature a stair which incorporates multiple breakout spaces and booths for relaxation and informal discussions. These areas have been designed to provide staff with a sense of collaboration and wellbeing, and to present a comfortable, welcoming space for visitors by including green planted spaces as well as textures and fabrics to provide acoustic privacy.

For Equinix operations and customer business, Warren and Mahoney has designed spaces emphasising ‘high tech’ and modern environments. Materials selected, in conjunction with a global identity, created operation rooms where staff could work in a modern and open environment comfortably and securely. The customer spaces where designed to maintain the high tech environment and give the customers a feeling of trust and security while conducting business.

The conference rooms incorporate double glazed partition walls with specialty graphics to maintain visual privacy. The joinery incorporates AV equipment for international business and presentations.

  • Designed Electrical Capacity SY5: 54 Megawatt
  • Size of building/Stats: 170m long x 105m Wide
  • 4 Floors of office – connecting to existing SY4 Data Centre
  • 2 floors of collocation in Stage 1 and 4 Floors of collocation in stage 2
  • 26 Roof Mounted Containerised Generators
  • 100km+ of Sub-main electrical copper cable.
  • 3 million litres of stored rainwater in subbasement for re-use in building cooling systems
  • 12% of the Site is Deep Soil Landscape
  • Client and Design Team are Aiming to Achieve LEED accreditation for the building
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