Lincoln University’s Flagship Science Facility

The Lincoln University’s Flagship Science Facility project incorporates a new build laboratory, research workplace and teaching facility for the University.

In response to the client’s brief, the economic design response includes teaching and learning spaces that include flat floor classrooms and teaching laboratories facing the public and centrally-located campus courtyard, placed purposefully to activate the campus core. Remaining workplace and laboratory functions are collocated for maximum efficiency and connection behind the front-end teaching spaces.

Ground floor connectivity to the new science facility nearby is reinforced with collaboration and innovation space linking Lincoln University to AgResearch, placed at the natural locus in the plan. It is envisaged that scientists from both organisations will co-mingle and expand on the potential for cross-pollination of ideas to the benefit of agricultural science.

The existing built context consists of the historic Ivy building - the poster building for Lincoln University. We have been careful to consider the materiality of our design response in sympathy. The scale of the front end of the new building containing teaching functions is also informed by the scale of the Ivy building and the new building’s placement carefully completes the built perimeter of the large grassed courtyard.

For cost efficiency, we have provided an innovative seismic solution that decreases the steel weight, offering real advantages in terms of the downstream effects to movement throughout the building. The northern and eastern elevations wear their sustainability credentials clearly on their facades with PV panels covering the entirety of the northern facing elevations. Not only does this supplement the energy consumption of the building but it provides advantages to solar and glare control for its occupants. Located close to Te Waihora, we have been careful to design for the filtration and purification of stormwater runoff with integration into the immediate surrounding landscape.

Working to an extremely tight timeline and cost envelope, the team has positioned key architectural outcomes and materials strategically to deliver the biggest impact.

8958 LUSN C011 2nd Level V01
8958 LUSN Interior 1
8958 LUSN Interior 2