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Buddle Findlay
Buddle Findlay

Warren and Mahoney undertook a workplace strategy with Buddle Findlay in 2018. Buddle Findlay sought to take their business from three to two floors and, by utilising an existing central stair, unite and connect the client and staff spaces. The workplace strategy consisted of a series of workshops with a diverse group of staff from leadership, rising stars of the firm and support staff. Questioning the status quo and challenging them on how a traditional legal practice could embrace a new way of working led to a central design theme of ‘Authenticity and Warmth’.

Clients emerge from the lift into a space that immediately evokes a calming response. Arrival waiting areas are conducive to hosting clients as well as private meetings. Buddle Findlay offer these flexible facilities to their valued clients for their own events, elevating the hosting and relationship experience. Better utilisation of the workspace enabled us to deconstruct the previous spatial hierarchy, providing access to daylight, views and a more open environment for all.

A central, comfortable staff hub with dual kitchens and views across the Waitemata harbour supports the needs of staff who often work long hours. Handmade, natural materials create a rhythm throughout the space with rattan screens, warm colours and indoor planting contributing to an environment that supports staff wellbeing.

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