Bowen Campus Redevelopment

Master 7090 Bowen Campus Cam3B V3 Print
Master 7090 Bowen Campus Cam3B V3 Print

Bowen Campus is located in a significant and high profile site, adjacent to Parliament in Wellington’s CBD.

The redevelopment involves reutilising and strengthening the existing building structure, and recladding two existing buildings - the ‘Bowen State Building and the ‘Charles Fergusson Tower’. A significant extension has been added to the Bowen State Building facing Parliament and establishes a new front door to Bowen Campus. Bowen Campus has been tailored to accommodate Government Ministries for both buildings.

The design approach to the contemporary façades have carefully considered the heritage values and the Brutalist style of the existing buildings and the aesthetic qualities of the surrounding Parliamentary buildings. New entry lobbies and ground floor food and beverage will activate the ground floor space fronting onto Parliament’s sculpture garden creating a people destination within the Wellington CBD.

Master 7090 Bowen Campus Camera1 V28 Print
7090 Bowen Campus Dusk
7090 Bowen Interior Lobby V1 Print
7090 Charlie Ferg Interior Lobby V2 Print