Peter Marshall

Peter Marshall

Executive Team Principal Specialist Christchurch

A demonstrated aptitude for steering the coherence and continuity of large-scale projects, along with the ability to draw multi-faceted teams together, are key skills that Peter Marshall brings to his role. He delivers leadership in terms of the systems and processes required to ensure seamless workflow and an optimum outcome for clients.

As project director behind several significant public buildings in both Wellington and Christchurch, spanning three decades, Peter has earned a thorough understanding of how built structure shapes a city. His knowledge has been honed by a breadth of experience in large-scale developments, from parliamentary headquarters to office blocks, apartment living, student accommodation, aquatic centres and urban plans.

Championing the cause of six offices but one team, he demonstrates that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Sharing quality staff and a toolbox of resources guarantees the very best thinking and service are available to clients in every part of the country. Putting people at the centre of the picture, Peter is committed to ongoing staff development and succession planning, and the encouragement of younger staff in particular is a strong focus.

Peter joined the Christchurch office in 1985 and became a director in 2006. He took up his present position in 2008 and has immersed himself in the challenge of managing a growing architectural practice, whilst ensuring the firm’s public buildings will be of the highest quality within the parameters of functionality, time and cost.

His measure of the profession is to create timeless, sustainable architecture within an urban blueprint that brings long-term livability to a city.