Ian Adamson

Ian Adamson

Executive Team Principal Specialist Queenstown

Fostering a robust yet resilient rapport between key stakeholders and within the team, Ian Adamson cultivates an inclusive approach to project design and delivery. His background is predominantly in the hospitality and residential sectors where Ian dispenses with preconceived ideas in favour of careful evaluation in order to provide strong design direction and leadership.

Based in the Queenstown office, Ian honed his skill-set for relationship building on projects in the Southern Lakes, as well as Christchurch and Fiji. With 20 years’ industry experience, he has the ability to think and act strategically. His wider focus has been on encouraging more progressive urban design and suburban masterplanning.

Architecture that enriches lives is at the core of his career ethic. The challenge of working in a climate with such extremes of temperature is to provide a functioning, comfortable result that takes its rightful place within such a dramatic landscape.

Ian was made a Principal at Warren and Mahoney in 2001.