Blair Johnston

Blair Johnston

Executive Team Head of Design Principal Specialist Auckland

Blair joined Warren and Mahoney in 2006 and was appointed a Principal of the practice and the Auckland Studio in 2013. Having spent a formative period of professional development in Sydney and Rotterdam, Blair’s international experience and awareness has heavily influenced his architectural approach and led to a strong belief in the need for a thorough and transparent design process. This transparency is the key to ensuring that clients are collaboratively engaged with both the work and the process, while also providing a critical insight into the internal culture and thinking of the practice.

He believes constant communication with his clients, listening to their requirements and clearly articulating design responses are a fundamental aspect of good architecture.

Blair’s design philosophy is based around the careful identification of a series of objective ‘insights’ into both the poetic potential and the ‘performance’ requirements of a project at the earliest stages of the design process - allowing the specific requirements of brief, site and context to be considered in a holistic way. This philosophy is informed by an understanding that the best architectural outcomes are highly integrated solutions in which architecture, structure, economics and performance are intrinsically linked.

Blair brings excellent intuitive design skills, strategic awareness, a collaborative style and a desire for a thorough, and transparent design process. He is passionate about delivering world-class, design-led architectural outcomes that are recognisably ‘of their place’, and respond to New Zealand’s unique environment, culture, and place in the world.