Andrew Barclay

Andrew Barclay

Executive Team Principal Specialist Sydney Auckland

The role of drawing together the various strands of architectural thinking, environmental and urban considerations, along with sound client liaison and business strategy across the Warren and Mahoney studios falls to Andrew Barclay.

With more than 30 years’ industry experience, he has directed design teams to deliver across all these platforms and has worked on several major projects with local, regional and national significance. His award-winning design talent is matched by a depth of knowledge in marketing and business management.

Big-picture, multi-faceted thinking underpins his philosophy to create buildings and structures where the form is simplified and devoid of unnecessary detail. Andrew believes that the core role of an architect is to listen, clearly understand and then interpret a client’s objectives, be that in the residential, tertiary education, sport and recreation, community or commercial sector. He never loses sight of the Warren and Mahoney objective: to improve lives and businesses through innovative, more-effective environments.

Andrew became a Principal and Shareholder of Warren and Mahoney in 1998. He draws on the strengths of the 60-year history of the company, but is future focussed through active client collaboration to achieve the very best outcomes in terms of design and commercial success.