Retail + Experience Design

We design authentic personal experience that connect people and place, expressing business culture and identity and deepening engagement with customers.

7515 Downtown Retail Little Qeen Street Cam01 Email
7515 Downtown Retail Little Qeen Street Cam01 Email

As bricks-and-mortar retail is revolutionised by digital connectivity, we can help you unlock the role of the physical environment in a transformative customer experience.

Warren and Mahoney’s customer experience work is a natural extension of the intensely user-focused work we do across the rest of the practice. Every project begins with a deep dive into user needs, behaviours, preferences and pain points, and those insights lead and shape our entire design process.

Engaged early, we can bring valuable new perspectives to the shaping of your business strategy, contributing extensive retail, interiors, masterplanning and strategic design expertise. Or we can take your developed strategy and show you how to express it tangibly, bridging the gap to the physical world through creative spatial and sensory engagement.

As architects used to working with a wide range of contractors and creatives, we have a naturally collaborative approach. We’ll work closely with your team, your customers and any business consultant, brand, digital or content partners to ensure a seamless end-to-end experience. We’ll bring in experts from our own multidisciplinary team and network wherever they can add insight and value.

Our experience design portfolio includes diverse and complex projects in retail, banking and public services. By designing experiences anchored in human behavior, we’re able to challenge norms and precedent and bring innovative thinking to the future of customer experience.

Your physical touchpoints can be powerful expressions of your identity and brand.

Find out how research, collaboration and design excellence can deliver consistent, memorable and engaging real-world experiences for your customers.

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