Masterplanning + Urban Design

The art of masterplanning is founded on a commitment to understand both a community as a whole and people as individuals.

7024 Wynyard Quarter Tiramarama Way 3
7024 Wynyard Quarter Tiramarama Way 3

We integrate multiple disciplines – urban design, architecture, landscape design and town planning – to build communities that work, socially and commercially.

The discipline of urban design has matured considerably in sophistication and depth over the last generation. Our own masterplanning practice has evolved alongside this progression. As well as being increasingly focused on the urban design needs of each building project, our team has taken on a growing number of specialist masterplanning and urban design commissions.

Our approach is founded on the belief that services, transport, commercial development, housing, public spaces and amenities cannot be developed effectively in isolation. Only by approaching them holistically, in thoughtful, sustainable, people-centred ways, will they create environments to support individual and community wellbeing.

We develop design solutions tailored to the commercial objectives of our clients and the policies of local authorities. Our designs reflect the unique cultural and environmental dimensions of each project, accommodating a high degree of flexibility to allow a sense of place to develop and evolve over time.

True placemaking demands the thoughtful integration of infrastructure, commercial, residential and community spaces.

Find out how we can help you build people-centred, future-flexible places that will be loved and embraced by their communities.

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