For sixty-plus years, our practice has been designing high quality and enduring projects across a range of scales and complexities.

Master 7022 Downtown Tower Cam5 V7 Email
Master 7022 Downtown Tower Cam5 V7 Email

We strive to capture social and cultural identity in our work, to create places that resonate with their communities and enhance a sense of belonging.

Architecture, and the pursuit of architectural excellence, is our heritage. It’s where we started out, and we continue to lead the field in building design and technology today. Sustainability principles are built into our business-as-usual model, raising the bar for building performance and long-term outcomes.

In the three generations since our inception we have designed and delivered hundreds of architecture projects across the commercial, civic and community sectors, for an influential and long-standing client community.

Our approach to each project is to work closely with the client to understand their goals and shape their vision. We bring a strong commercial sensibility to the collaboration, offering ourselves as strategic partners to help mitigate risk while realising long-term business objectives. We’re proud of the trusted, long-term relationships we sustain with our clients, building partnerships that often endure well beyond a project’s completion.

Over the years we’ve been honoured with a great many awards for our work. We don’t design in the pursuit of awards, but we’re proud of what these honours signify: a commitment to architectural excellence that continues to shape lives and communities for the better.

The most authentic, successful and enduring projects are those that reflect the character of their communities.

Find out how we can help you shape an architectural legacy for your users and stakeholders.

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