Environmental Sustainability

As our client we want you to feel inspired, part of a team that aims high, imagines and then delivers a better future for people, place and planet.


By integrating sustainability principles into the vision and identity of every project, we’re raising the bar for sustainability in Australasia and beyond.

Sustainability is no longer about simply minimising impact on our surroundings. Today it’s about wellbeing for individuals, communities and the environment. At Warren and Mahoney, sustainability isn’t a separate discipline, it’s an overarching priority, a lens through which to focus all our creative and practical thinking.

We’ll work with you to identify unique project opportunities and set goals at the outset. Then we’ll bring in specialist engineers, suppliers and scientists to help us develop a design that is beautiful, smart and sustainable in the widest sense.

We’ve implemented sustainable design in commercial and industrial buildings, residential projects and civic, education, housing and sporting facilities. Over the past decade we’ve received numerous awards in this area, including top New Zealand Excellence in Engineering, Property Council and New Zealand Green Building Council honours.

Sustainability isn’t an isolated dimension of a project, but a necessary condition for true architectural excellence. Green buildings have the potential to be enablers of a holistic prosperity never seen before, helping cities, communities and the environment to flourish, and the individuals within them to thrive. Come and help us prove it.

We offer:

  • Bespoke design services tailored to your unique sustainability goals – building, interiors, masterplanning and community design
  • Homestar-accredited design for bespoke, repeatable and medium- to high-density residential projects
  • Green Star architectural advisory (we’re Green Star Accredited Professionals)
  • Green Star rating documentation and submissions, coordinated directly with NZGBC

A project's biggest sustainability gains happen in the initial design stages.

Talk to us early. Find out how we can help you realise your sustainability vision, with the largest positive impact at the lowest cost.

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