Early-Stage Strategy

Tapping into our extensive knowledge networks, we bring together the best thinkers from the public and private spheres to tackle complex infrastructure, environmental and community challenges.

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Header early stage strategy lg

Climate change, technology and social equity issues present communities with problems of unprecedented scale and complexity. Only new combinations of ideas and perspectives will solve them.

As never-before-seen challenges emerge across our natural, built and social environments, communities are experiencing an urgent need for a new kind of thinking and problem-solving.

We don’t believe the answers will be found in traditional knowledge silos. That’s why we’re assembling the best and the brightest from across sectors and disciplines, from many communities and walks of life, to tackle the most complex projects. We’re facilitating conversations between business, industry and community leaders, allowing them to share their diverse skills and learn from each other’s experience.

Our focus is presently on three interlocking areas: world-class city-making; the development of New Zealand’s under-performing regions; and planning and managing the Kiwi visitor experience while preserving our taonga for future generations.

Upstream strategy, downstream benefits

We know from long experience that innovative design thinking early in the project can deliver tremendous downstream benefits in sustainability, economic advantage and legacy value. We’ll work in close partnership with your own team to discover and shape your vision and long-term goals, and design enduring people- and community-centred outcomes.

The fields of expertise we can tap into, in-house and across our networks, include:

  • Urban design, masterplanning and growth strategy;
  • Infrastructure, including transport strategy;
  • Community engagement;
  • Economic analysis;
  • Ecological science;
  • Cultural advisory;
  • Destination planning;
  • Sustainability consulting;
  • Resilience planning;
  • Advanced built information management (BIM);
  • Customer experience strategy;
  • Workplace strategy.

You can engage us for a single stage of your project, such as defining a brief, facilitating a workshop, writing a business case or peer-reviewing an existing proposal. Or you can engage us for a longer programme of work, such as full design, documentation or project management.

What's the biggest challenge facing your community right now?

Find out how ground-breaking collaboration and partnership can help you tackle complex problems in unprecedented ways.

Contact: Rod Marler, Principal - Consulting Lead