W+M collaborate with University of Auckland on Bachelor of Architectural Studies Design Paper

July 21, 2022: News

Globally, we are facing some immense challenges; and delivering a better future for the next generation and beyond requires new perspectives and insight. As we increasingly appreciate the unsustainable ways our cities have developed to date, the time to act is now.

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In response to this challenge, Warren and Mahoney is working with the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries Bachelor of Architectural Studies programme to deliver a progressive design paper for Year 3 students over the coming semester.

Led by Warren and Mahoney design leaders Liam Stumbles, Matthew Le Grice and Tom Locke, students will be encouraged to act as design researchers investigating the complex relationship between architecture and the global environmental crisis.

“Rather than focusing the paper on traditional approaches to building design, participants will be asked to challenge the way we design today. We’ll work with our students to develop radically different proposals that draw inspiration from advances in science and technology, both from within the building industry, and beyond,” says Liam Stumbles, Senior Associate at Warren and Mahoney and a studio teacher for the course.

The paper asks students to research one of Warren and Mahoney’s sustainability objectives and develop a novel and innovative way for architecture to respond, while integrating issues of theory, architectonics (material, structures, construction), programme (cultural, social, functional), form and space, and architectural media.

“At this critical moment in time, where we can clearly see the impacts of the environmental crisis on the world around us, we need to think beyond conventional wisdom and recognise experimental architecture as an important tool for driving progress in our discipline.

“The University of Auckland has a highly creative architecture programme that is an important generator of design innovation in our industry. We look forward to collaborating with them on this challenge.”

The design paper commences on Monday 18th July.

W+M collaborate with University of Auckland on Bachelor of Architectural Studies Design Paper