We use design research and strategic evaluation to inform the direction of each new project. Specific aims, intentions and opportunities are identified and evaluated to develop design-led insights that shape the best building solution. Our studio model is a collaborative one that draws on a pool of more than 200 experts in workplace strategy, architecture and building-information modelling (BIM) across six studios in Australia and New Zealand.


Insights found in Discover are formulated as initial concepts on paper. We see Define as collaborative efforts to understand how the project fits into the wider landscape of human needs, as well as technical and commercial opportunities.


Drawings become refined designs as we work to distil visions for the built form from the wide range of initial concepts. From the platform of our experience we review and refine each facet of the work. The design evolves in response to user testing, feedback, and strategic analysis – an iterative process of design. The technological, cultural, environmental and commercial realisation of the building emerges.


In order to guarantee the accurate translation of idea to reality, all project details are specified, documented, and delivered to the client for implementation. Warren and Mahoney observes and administers the construction process, facilitating partnerships, and providing support as necessary.