Effective delivery of medical education and research now and into the future

6707 Medical School 2
6707 Medical School 2

The University of Otago Medical School project in Christchurch represents a change in the provision of education and research facilities for medical students and researchers in Christchurch. The project consists of a strategic reorientation of services over two buildings in the health precinct, one an existing hospital campus building and the second a new structure on a riverfront site.

The size and complexity of the buildings and their intended functions and interrelationships along with the nature and location of health education delivery and its proximity to patient spaces were carefully examined at length. The involvement of commercial partners in providing research and radiology added complexity to briefing and approvals processes.

Multiple stakeholders and tenancy and land issues created a complex governance environment for the project. These factors required the team to be agile and responsive to changes across many aspects of the project.

Our team produced a detailed and compelling strategic brief and concept design, clearly showing a way forward to a new vision for the Medical School in Christchurch.

Our role included:

  • Briefing, masterplanning and architectural design;
  • Design of facilities and refurbishment including radiology and animal facilities;
  • Research labs in association with Labworks;
  • Proposals for student accommodation and teaching spaces;
  • Assessment of existing facilities and recommendations for reuse;
  • Managing disruption in staging relating to the wider project.
6707 Medical School 1
6707 Medical School