Tauranga Crossing

7872 Tx Cam08 V2 Exterior 10 11 Lr 1
7872 Tx Cam08 V2 Exterior 10 11 Lr 1

Upon completion, Tauranga Crossing will be the pre-eminent Retail Centre in Tauranga.

Upon completion, Tauranga Crossing will be the pre-eminent Retail Centre in Tauranga.

Located close to popular destinations in the Bay of Plenty, Tauranga Crossing is the newest regional shopping centre in the area, dedicated to the local community and visitors alike.

A benchmark in local design, Tauranga Crossing has been created with the region’s celebrated climate and lifestyle in mind, with a true emphasis on making the most of the outdoors and all it has to offer.

Tauranga Crossing has been master-planned to combine the open air appeal and sense of community that comes with an outdoor meeting place with the comfort, amenity and style of a fully enclosed shopping centre. 

Stage 2, now under construction and due to open in 2019 will provide a fully enclosed two level shopping centre including approximately 90 specialty shops and eateries, and Event Cinemas. A curated, contemporary food and beverage precinct will feature a range of restaurant options.

The architectural design is based on the articulation of individual volumes under an overarching canopy structure enclosing a two storey ‘Retail Village’. The overall planning is based on two key axes- the ‘retail’ axis running east-west connecting the retail tenancies and the ‘civic’ axis which is aligned north -south connecting the main entrance with the internal Winter garden and the external landscaped terraces. Spatial planning has been carefully considered to provide simple and legible way finding between entrances, tenancies, dining areas and outdoor relaxation and play areas. 

The strategy to ‘dissolve’ the boundary between building and landscape, internal and external spaces is fundamental to the design and is expressed throughout the building particularly in the spaces along the ‘civic’ axis. It is achieved by the incorporation of large roof lights, continuous clerestories and a dramatic 13m high glazed curtain wall and large scale indoor greenery. The glazing features combine to enhance visual connectivity to the outdoors while providing a play of natural light over course of the day within the internal Winter garden and primary circulation areas. Full height sliding glass doors with minimal framing and high performance glazing minimizes reflectivity and enable clear views through the complex.  

The intersecting ‘retail’ and ‘civic’ axes generates the geometric framework for the diagrid ceiling pattern and large span structure. These design features remain continuous throughout the main concourse areas providing a sense coherency to the overall design. A minimal palette of natural materials and finishes complement the simplicity of the overall building form. Colour palettes are limited to natural hues with key finishes such as timber and porcelain tiles arranged in subtle patterns to provide visual variation throughout the public circulation areas.  The dramatic spatial volumes, combined with the distinctive internal Winter garden function, external garden terraces and material qualities culminates in an uplifting retail experience and unique destination for the Bay of Plenty region.

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