Tatong Road, Brighton East

Tatong Road Web 1
Tatong Road Web 1

The best architecture expresses identity through ideas fundamental to the form itself. On Brighton Est we explored this through the dynamic roof forms that express individualism, but also work together to create a rhythmic expression, a ubiquitous pattern that imbues an emotive response, a sense of belonging.

The refined architecture creates a dramatic sense of openness, volume and scale.

Timber facades, rhythmic metal pitched roofs and landscaping shape a truly unique presence from the street, while angular lines allow for double-height ceilings to foyers and stairwells.

Materiality and texture are the glue that strengthen the overall design philosophy. They provide moments of reflection, and connect to the human scale. We have gathered an elegant collection of materials, a minimalist palette that connects the external and internal spaces, and celebrates the angular roof forms, the hero of the design.

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