Site 6 Wynyard Quarter Innovation Precinct

7343 Wynyard
7343 Wynyard

Site 6 comprises the final buildings in the Wynyard Quarter Innovation Precinct.

Site 6 comprises the final buildings in the Wynyard Quarter Innovation Precinct.

Site 6 consists of three distinct developments in the Wynyard Quarter Innovation Precinct, across two titles with a shared two-level basement. Fronting onto the pedestrian-only Tiramarama Lane, Halsey Street and Pakenham Street, the three buildings each have their own unique identity and are configured to respond to the overall masterplan strategy of a network of pedestrianised public laneways.

The Pakenham Building features a public frontage and entry on Pakenham Street, a retail focused ground floor level with seven floors of commercial office space above.

The Tiramarama Way building bridges Waikokota lane with entry lobbies off both Tiramarama Way and Halsey Street. To the east the building consists of ground floor retail space with five floors of office space above; and to the west the commercial office space steps up to seven floors to match the height of the Pakenham Building. This enables an extensive, open, north facing floorplate overlooking Tiramarama Way.

The affectionately titled Flowers building is a smaller, three storey development to the rear of the existing Halsey Traders building with frontage onto Lysaght Lane. The ground floor will feature precinct-wide cycle storage, end-of-trip facilities and cycle-focused retail. It is intended the upper floors of Flowers will be programmed as event space to be used by the Pakenham and Tiramarama building tenants in addition to businesses in the wider innovation precinct.

The ground levels of all three buildings have been designed to enable a mixed configuration of food, beverage and retail tenancies, further activating the precinct’s connectivity and ensuring public engagement.

Panuku Development Auckland, as landowners, are committed to supporting sustainability in Wynyard Quarter. Features include end-of-trip facilities and rainwater being harvested from upper level roofs to storeage in the basement for re-use in the building. The basement provides covered parking for 186 cars and 10 motorcycles. Rainwater is harvested from upper level roofs and stored in the basement for re-use in the building.

Architecturally, the ground level is defined by a solid masonry envelope punctuated by glazed openings allowing a high degree of permeability and opportunities for secondary entrances off the adjacent laneways. These punctuated openings activate the façade providing a ‘shop-front’ to showcase innovative businesses and retail on Pakenham and Halsey Streets as well as the laneway frontages on Lysaght Way, Waikokota way, Tiramarama Way and Autahi Way.

Depending on orientation, the first, second or third floor levels are variously set back from the upper and lower levels to allow viewing terraces, reduce the overall massing of the buildings, referencing the scale of existing and adjacent character buildings. Variation and texture in the facade detailing will provide distinct identities for each building and is a nod to the industrial heritage of the area.

Site 6 is targeting a Green Star 5 star rating.

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