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SNSW Miranda 6 edited
SNSW Miranda 6 edited

Warren and Mahoney was commissioned to strategically research and develop the best practice design approach for developing a new concept One Stop Shop that amalgamated multiple government agencies under one roof aimed at facilitating the 6 million state resident’s government transactions in a friendly, fast efficient manner. Our approach included benchmarking, profiling and defining the transaction types followed by fast prototyping and customer testing.

Components of the physical delivery interrelated directly with online. Self-service pods were positioned at the front of the customer centre alongside the concierge to encourage and teach customers how to complete their transactions online. Flexibility is built into the design to increase self-service as the customers’ requirements evolve.

Customer personas and transaction journeys were mapped, tested and prototyped to maximise efficiencies and create flexibility as the technology gains enabled assisted self service and customer self service over the life of the physical design.

We have expertise in innovative design led processes that help decipher future trends through an Omni channel lens. Digital on-boarding and an expediential change in customer expectation means that companies need to be proactive, innovative and process leading to maximise business potential.

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