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Warren and Mahoney has worked alongside PwC since 2016 on their workplace strategy and premise design. Well before the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent effects it has had on the way we work, PwC has been a tech-enabled business. This means of connection was used as one of the key factors when considering the size of their new office space and how they could achieve efficiency in the PwC tower at Commercial Bay. The resulting workplace strategy is centered around agility and flexibility and creating spaces that support ways of working for employees and their clients.

The commitment PwC showed back in 2016 to deliver a workplace of the future is now paying dividends in this new world we find ourselves in. Being tech-enabled means their staff can work anywhere - and with dedicated collaborative spaces for staff, it is simple to find the setting that aligns to their way of working.

PwC’s new Auckland office space spans six high rise levels. To enable connection and to grow a sense of community, the central spine of the workplace is designed to create a ‘vertical village’; this is a place to connect, refresh and collaborate and enables staff to do the best work for their clients.

Continuing this theme, client spaces and the major social hub are located in the center of the stack. Partners, staff and clients are encouraged to use an internal stair within an open void, connecting them to the entire workplace, physically and visually.

The workplace is flexible with a clear desk policy, optimising PwC’s built assets while encouraging Partners and staff to be more mobile and to interact with all business units, reducing silos and encourages chance encounters.

Design expression within the workplace aims to show that there is much more to PwC than meets the eye – they are trusted advisors across a broad spectrum of sectors - and the resulting client and employee experience is now much deeper and more interactive.

Mark Averill, CEO and Senior Partner at PwC says: “The PwC Tower at Commercial Bay places us at the center of a new hub for the business community as we work alongside our clients in rebuilding New Zealand and our economy.

“This is a remarkable development and a confident symbol of Auckland’s future. The new premises will enable the firm to continue its digital journey with improved tools and facilities. Our new office enables us to work more effectively and innovatively. It is open, fully-flexible and collaborative, whether our people or clients are working from home or in the office.”

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