Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club

Mona Vale2
Mona Vale2

The new Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club presents a unique opportunity to provide a world class building that meets the needs of the occupants, and engages the Mona Vale community with new social spaces. 

Drawing the community, the park and the beach together, the new surf club will provide enriching experiences to the local residents, as well as offer new social spaces for the wider community.  In addition to this the new highly functional surf club will facilitate a safer beach experience and allow the surf club to reach its full potential. 

Working group engagement with members of the community and surf club enabled us to analyse and understand the inner workings of the club to optimise efficiencies in the design.

The building is an expression of its functions, with primary Surf Life Saving Club operations on the ground plane, and three distinct private and public function areas defined on level one. Elevating these uses maximises views to the beach, headlands and park, allowing a connection to the natural and physical beauty that is Mona Vale. 

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Mona Vale
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