Since 1968, the Les Mills vision has been about wellbeing and innovation – a story of creativity, inspiration, energy and passion.

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The Les Mills brand is one of creativity, inspiration, energy and passion.

The Les Mills brand is one of creativity, inspiration, energy and passion.

The cluster of buildings at Les Mills’ Auckland City Campus creates a ‘permeable campus’ model following strong values of community engagement. The buildings in the campus seek to be more than static objects in the urban environment; the campus moves and breathes energy and vitality like its occupants.

Comprising two existing pre-war buildings with limited parking facilities, a convoluted pedestrian access linked the Victoria Street building entrances with Wellesley St at the south end of the site.

Les Mills desired a connection with the city and have invested in providing a lively, art-enriched public connection through the campus connecting Victoria Street West and Wellesley Street.

The through-site link was to be attractive and safe to use for the public; the street connection at both ends was to be clear and apparent.

The new Les Mills Transport Hub faces Wellesley St with activation of the road frontage provided by retail outlet tenancies compatible with the Les Mills brand.

Inspired by the advancements of today’s modern sporting apparel, the façade skin creates a patterned array of folding geometrical triangles of perforated metal screens, allowing the car parking building to breathe. Glazed sections act as pores to create façade depth and partial visibility into the activity inside. This textured skin wraps around the building to create a sculptural object. By night, the dappled light through the small screen perforations activates and enlivens the façade to the street.

The central core stairs and lift are located at the rear of the building making the connection to the central through-site link placed at the end of the laneway between the two buildings.

The space is activated by retail and the opposing wall creates as a ‘live’ electronically-controlled illuminated wall as part of an artwork contribution. The lower level link ceiling is also fully illuminated to create a spatial uplift.

Adjoining the lower level link is bike parking for 164 bikes with ‘retail’ space for bike repairs and sundries.

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