Isaac Theatre Royal

The rebuild of this 1907 structure retains the essential qualities and original layout of the existing heritage theatre but subtly transformed.

Situated at 145 Gloucester St in the centre of Christchurch’s CBD, the historic Isaac Theatre Royal was subjected to massive seismic disruption during the 2010/11 earthquakes. The Grade-A heritage listed building was the only surviving Edwardian style theatre in the country.

As a whole the building performed well due to seismic strengthening carried out in 2004, however cumulative impacts to structural integrity, sustained over numerous events resulted in severe damage to the building and its heritage fabric. Notwithstanding this, the project has successfully integrated areas where damage was repairable, with a new (concealed) structural frame and foundation strategy.

Almost all elements of significant heritage value were able to be rescued and have been restored by skilled craftsman to a condition vastly better than their pre-earthquake state. In this way, the repair project allowed the theatre to be rebuilt to current code requirements, and to current theatre best practice, while preserving its heritage value and charm for generations to come.