Fletcher Building

7084 Fletchers Pavilion 3
7084 Fletchers Pavilion 3

Fletcher Building is a leading infrastructure and building materials manufacturer and general construction contractor. The Fletcher Building sites had grown organically over time, with major business groups separated by carparks, roads and suburbs and a lack of connectivity.

A connection tool was required to counter the distance and fragmentation of the site, physically connecting to form a single ground floor across the campus which is easily accessed by all users.

The pavilion is a bold and progressive expression through design, construction and honest use of material to reflect Fletcher Building’s values and visions. The building forms a centralised open and welcoming heart to the campus.

Spaces are flexible, providing for both small scale formal and informal gatherings as well as large scale events, training, socialising and hosting.

The working floors of the four existing buildings are connected extensions of the Pavilion ground floor. They are designed open plan with varied zones for different work styles providing a sense of integration between business groups and greater opportunities for business to business communication. All business units have access to the same high quality facilities creating a sense of equality and unity across the business as a whole.

7084 Fletchers Pavilion 8
7084 Fletchers Pavilion 2