Confidential Medical Device Company

WM arthrex 4912 V01 03 LR
WM arthrex 4912 V01 03 LR

This project establishes an Australian and New Zealand presence for a global surgical device manufacturer to further engage within the local market. The new workplaces include staff accommodations, a hosted training suite and product showroom for educating surgeons with the devices and showcasing the product innovation.

The design spatially embodies the client’s identity, trustworthy, established quality of product and commitment to supporting surgeons treat their patients better. Aesthetically aligned to a distinctive brand language, the workspace is designed to equip each team member with a sense of pride and awareness of the positive contribution they make to the business and ultimately in enhancing the lives of patients.

The design narrative explored the pioneering spirit and legacy of an established global brand within a new context, acknowledging the appeal of living in Sydney to attract the best global and local talent. Clear and uncompromising quality to the environment was critical for directing focus on the product and innovation as the hero. The spatial planning was responsive to the building context, celebrating the best this can offer for the wellbeing of the team and invited visitors. The staff and visitor experience are clearly defined with key components located with purpose and intuitively orientated to natural light, green outlook, and views towards the Sydney skyline.

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