Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral
Christ Church Cathedral

Reinstating the Anglican Cathedral for the people of Christchurch and future generations is a unique opportunity, and a symbol of hope and confidence restored.

The devastating earthquakes of 2011 caused significant damage to the Cathedral. The West façade facing the Square collapsed, the tower was badly damaged and collapsed, and major damage occurred elsewhere across the building.

Warren and Mahoney has been selected as lead architects to reinstate the Cathedral in partnership with Snohetta Architects. A sub-consultant team consisting of heritage architects Salmond Reed, Powell Fenwick, Marshall Day and Boffa Miskell will be working closely with Holmes engineers on this project.

The main Cathedral will retain its appearance and many heritage features, but it will be safer, more flexible and comfortable, and better equipped for future worship, civic, social, community and hospitality events. Consideration is also being made for base isolation of the Cathedral and the construction of a new Visitors Centre and ancillary buildings.

Planning and preparation is underway ahead of physical work starting in early 2020.

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