Chapman Tripp Christchurch

6919 Chapman Tripp 6
6919 Chapman Tripp 6

The new Chapman Tripp workplace is located on the top floor of the PwC Centre building along Cashel Street. Having occupied temporary accommodation since the earthquakes, this new space marked a return to the heart of the Christchurch CBD. 

The key design move was to create a divide down the space that would create the separation of public and private areas. This “spine” is articulated to reflect the base build architectural form, while ensuring both optimised views and access to the outdoor terraces were retained. On one side this acts as a way-finding element directing guests along a highly finished routed staggered entry wall to reception through a gallery type space, while on the other, fourteen equally individual office spaces are sized to allow the business to transition them into meeting spaces over time.

To break down the length of the open plan, we worked with the vertical and horizontal landscape by bringing raised meeting spaces with screening into the centre of the work space. This created areas for collaboration, and by folding the office space on plan we could break up the visual lines and create more intimate zones.

The elongated building footprint offers two large covered terraces to the west and east end of the building. This connection to the outdoors is a rare find in central Christchurch.

Spaces against the Eastern terrace looked to maximise the access to the outdoors. Operable walls provide opportunity to host cocktail, dining or conference functions, while the use of a large sliding door gives access to the terraces for Boston Legal style meetings.
The focus on detailing and precision creates an elegant environment. A restrained palette uses crisp whites, timber and a champagne tone partitioning for warmth with hints of colour introduced through the art work.

The simple idea of dividing a long, narrow interior with a spine wall imparts a clear sense of order. This wall also offers a welcoming gesture by creating a stepped series of panels where art is hung, and built-in seating provided. A simple and elegant material palette of light timber and white walls complements the art on display. Generous connections are made to two exterior terraces through a breakout space for staff at one end and flexible client meeting suites at the other. These spaces capture views to the treetops and port hills beyond, further enhancing the workspace environment. - Jury Citation, NZIA Canterbury Awards 2018

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