Lumiere Black Rock

8518 Lumiere Black Rock
8518 Lumiere Black Rock

Lumiere in Black Rock has been designed to evoke the HMVS Cerberus wreck in nearby Half Moon Bay.

Lumiere in Black Rock has been designed to evoke the HMVS Cerberus wreck in nearby Half Moon Bay.

Delivering six new apartments to the Melbourne residential market in large two, and three bedroom formats, each typology owns its own luxurious character. The development focuses on provided large footprints, and spatial amenity, as the sales audience is the ‘downsizer’ Bayside market.

The area of Black Rock is embued with an array of textural qualities rooted in its geotechnical formations and local history. The cliffs of Red Bluff on the shoreline of Half Moon Bay is one of the area’s notable landmarks, owing its name to the oxodised iron in the rock. The rich burnt orange of the clffs meet the contrasting turquoise sea which sets up a context of contrast; in colour, in texture, in form. The HMVS Cerberus just off the shoreline, is a curated addition to the coast for the protection of mooring boats in the bay. A dichotomy exists between the curved geometry of the ship and the rough and ragged edges of the red cliffs.

The contrasting materiality embedded in the context of Black Rock establishes a dichotomy between rough and smooth textures. This creates a strong palette to work with in the design of the spaces and facade treatments of the building. Given the low scale residential area the site is located in, the importance of breaking up the facade into identifiable addresses for each dwelling is pivotal to the project.

Engineered oak floors, Miele appliances, including an integrated fridge, and marble splashbacks provide the luxury touches sought by downsizers in the area. The 100-152m2 floorplans provide the dimensions needed to accommodate locals who have typically enjoyed spacious homes and blocks.

Jack Merlo-designed gardens will span up to 181m2 with a mix of hanging and climbing greenery.

Renders by Gavin Scott 3D.

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