Optimising the operational lifecycle costs, both financial and environmental, for the entire ADHB campus.

193 Shakespeare Road Milford Boundary Lines
193 Shakespeare Road Milford Boundary Lines

The Auckland District Health Board is in the process of capturing all its existing campus and new projects into a digital environment. A primary function of the federated BIM will be to form the backbone of the Asset Management and Facility Management (AM/FM) Departments. The ultimate goal is to optimise the operational lifecycle costs, both financial and environmental, for the entire ADHB campus.


This ongoing AM/FM project has a large-campus complexity and offers a good example of the efficiencies that can be realised by building on the BIM data captured during design and build.

Our involvement in this project has resulted in a close working relationship with ADHB and a solid understanding of a DHB’s needs and requirements.

This project benefits from:

  • In-depth asset and facility data and business understanding
  • Implementing global expertise and best-practice learnings
  • Streamlined operational lifecycle costs
  • Improved long-term sustainability


WMT is working with ADHB and other consultants to peer-review work that has been carried out to date, and to develop and implement an AM/FM Strategic BIM Road Map. We are drawing on all our accumulated experience and knowledge across the field, plus insights gained from our deep engagement with technology and BIM around the world. Pilot projects and Proofs of Concept are being
developed and reviewed to ensure efficient implementation across the ADHB sites.