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Aspect Furniture engaged Warren and Mahoney to fit out a new showroom and retail space to enable them to showcase their brand and international stock of high-quality design products to the design community in an informal, entertainment-focused environment. The brief was to provide a flexible space where staff could present products, rotate display of product efficiently, entertain clients and utilise it as a workplace. The planning of the project is centred on Aspect Furniture’s key core value of ‘being a great host’. A high degree of detail execution reflects the values of the brand and as such, the execution of this joinery-focused retail project is to a cabinet-making quality.

Warren and Mahoney’s objective was to provide an inviting platform for interaction, collaboration and education. The tenancy was planned to encompass a social kitchen designed for entertaining in conjunction with acoustically designed meeting pods raised on a floating timber platform which became the main feature of the space. The showroom floor fills the perimeter of the space providing openness and flexibility for the client to re-arrange and display products as they wish. Other features include a bespoke shelving system used to showcase products and a full height mirror wall concealing the amenities while deepening the shallow space.

The materiality and detailing aimed to create geometry that draws the eye through the showroom. Natural warm and neutral palettes through the use of anodised aluminium edge trimmed birch ply, polished concrete and soft fabric provide a subtle and complementary backdrop for Aspect’s range of products. The use of mirrors visually expands the space while creating a dynamic perspective. Highly refined detailing such as bespoke joinery and door handles were resolved thoughtfully at every stage with direct client engagement and involvement. The simple use of direct and indirect LED lighting gives the space another layer of warmth, bringing the space to life internally and externally at night.

Details evident in Aspect’s products set a high standard for the design of their space. Sensitivity to detail can be seen in the timberwork, joinery and mirror panelling where all junctions have been carefully arranged to create the holistic end result. The floating central platform was also rigorously resolved with the careful integration of LED lighting, birch ply detailing and multi-functional use. The gridded arrangement of Aspect’s illuminated shelving system was also utilised in the spatial design. The luxury of having a client that can fabricate in-house meant we could create a range of bespoke design features.

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