Tomasz Gibowicz

Tomasz Gibowicz

Consulting Principal Queenstown

Tomasz is an Associate Principal in the Queenstown Studio with over 15 years of professional experience in the masterplanning, stakeholder engagement, spatial design strategy hospitality, multi-residential, commercial and infrastructure sectors across the UK, Australia and New Zealand. He aims to develop authentic, legible and identifiable designs that are relevant to both place and function, and with sustainability at the heart. He holds a strong belief that the aesthetics and elegance of a building are not pre-determined by the project’s budget. He succeeds at designing buildings that are respectful of their context and offer a sense of discovery for users and public alike.

Tomasz is respected for his ability to listen and lead in projects. Having managed large consultant teams on a number of complex projects, he has proven his ability to champion client objectives, as well as maintain the many facets of design and management of the consultant team. He believes collaboration is the shortest route to solution and places emphasis on efficient communication with the Client and the consultant teams. He is adept at utilising the capabilities of his design team and reduces client risk through particular focus on coordination and identifying challenges at early stages of the design.

Contact [email protected]

Specialisms Hospitality + Tourism

Qualifications ARB, RIBA, RSUA - Registered Architect (UK)