Peta Nichols

Peta Nichols

Principal Auckland

Peta joined Warren and Mahoney in 2021 bringing international experience working across mixed-use residential, commercial and hotel projects. She has proven aptitude for leadership within the practice and across project teams, with strong communication, interpersonal, analytical and decision-making skills.

Peta has contributed to numerous multi-residential projects - ranging from small apartment buildings of 10 units to residential towers and residential-led masterplans. She has also been involved in research projects looking to optimise multi-residential design development focused on planning using first principles and typologies. Through her experience, she has gained knowledge of the fundamentals to enable rapid feasibility testing and concept design development, which allows for more focused time to explore and develop great design.

Peta's career, and living in Auckland, Sydney and London, has driven her passion for exploring how best to create great homes for living in, effectively and efficiently, regardless of density, typology and tenure.

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Qualifications BArch (Hons), BAS