Nick Deans

Nick Deans

Principal Specialist Melbourne

Nick joined our Melbourne studio in 2015 and was appointed Associate in 2016 before being promoted to Principal in 2017. He has led projects of various scales and complexities throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Nick delivers architectural design across a range of disciplines including commercial, multi-residential, and tertiary design, integrating the distinct needs of clients and stakeholders into a cohesive outcome. He possesses a strong, all-round knowledge through all facets including design, documentation, contract management, and construction.

Nick has a strong belief in a collaborative approach to design; projects need not be conceived in isolation, but should engage in a thorough and transparent process. The engagement of key strategic partners and clients ensures a collaborative and transparent design process. This insight adds rigor and strength to the eventual project outcome.

Working in a highly collaborative and coordinated manner, Nick focuses on building strong relationships. Through his dedication and commitment to projects he ensures the best possible outcome is achieved.