Llewellyn Vardon McLeod

Llewellyn Vardon McLeod

Associate Melbourne

Llewellyn joined Warren and Mahoney in 2021, after having worked for architectural firms in the UK and the Netherlands. She has a broad range of experience across multiple sectors including commercial, public realm, education and health. She enjoys the challenge of large and complex projects, and is passionate about providing high quality outcomes through extensive collaboration and coordination with multidisciplinary teams.

Common characteristics of Llewellyn's projects are their complexity and duration. She is skilled at understanding how the different elements of the design process come together, applying a long term strategic view to realise the design vision.

Llewellyn has extensive experience guiding clients and stakeholders through user groups, determining their needs and aspirations, to deliver a project that not only meets their expectations but exceeds them. Coupled with clear communication, strong relationship skills and an understanding of the different needs within the team, she brings a collaborative management style with a desire for a thorough, and transparent design process.

Contact [email protected]

Qualifications MArch, BEnv VIC Reg Arch No. 19408